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Trying to undo the damage done by years of Government Education


On Moral Equivalency

It all seemed innocuous enough; I was scrolling down the Face book page and came across a photo of a young woman holding an AR-15 and a Bible. I didn’t pay much attention to the caption below but I knew who such a photo would irritate, liberals [sic]. Perhaps to... read more

On The Strange World We Live In

The young 6-foot, 250-pound rookie linebacker hurries out onto the field, it’s 4th and goal to go. It is his chance to make an impression on the coaching staff in this preseason game. The ball is snapped, hand-off goes to the running back, the rookie moves to tackle... read more

On Government Intervention

  Why is there a refugee crisis in Europe now? Why wasn’t there a refugee crisis a few years ago? What happens to anything government intervenes in? How bad does something have to be before people reconsider their ideas about government? Many who claim to... read more

The Contrarian asks, why do you believe what you believe?


The Contrarian has not always been so contrary, but as time has gone by he has come to a simple conclusion, the truth lives with a small minority, a remnant if you will. It seems there are many today who are shallow in understanding and strong in conviction. Today’s logic is not very logical and today’s reason isn’t very reasonable. So much so it seems the best place to be is contrary to public opinion.